Yamim Noraim 2019/5780 Booking

This year, services will be taking place in the Od Yosef Hai hall on Finchley Lane, Hendon. Prior booking is essential to guarantee your seat.

Members of Magen Avot are eligible to apply for seats free of charge. Seats are also available for children of members under the age of 18 for a contribution of £18 per seat. Non-members are able to purchase seats at the cost of £100 for adults and £30 for children (under 18). Please note that unfortunately we're not able to accept charity cheques.

Both members and non-members should submit their booking straight away. However, in order to give priority to members, we will be allocating seats first to members who have applied by Sunday 1st September 2019. Any remaining seats will then be allocated to non-members who have applied before that date on a first-come first-served basis. We will of course make every effort to accommodate everyone who applies before the deadline as we have in previous years.

Important note: members and non-members who apply after Sunday 1st September will not be allocated fixed seats but will be welcome to use an area of non-reserved seating on a first-come first-served basis.

If you would like to discuss any financial matter in strict confidence please contact Cecil Taitz whose email address is treasurer@magenavot.com.

Please visit our booking page to complete your booking.

Wishing everyone a ketiva vechatima tova.