About Us

Welcome to Magen Avot - a new Shul and a new community supported by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and the United Synagogue (US). We are located in the Nancy Reuben Primary School Hall (48 Finchley Lane, London NW4 1DJ).

Services on offer

Magen Avot provides Friday night, Shabbat morning (including a weekly hot Kiddush), Shabbat Mincha and Motzei Shabbat, and Sunday services for adults and children. This will be extended to include the full complement of weekday services once we are in our permanent home. Magen Avot is committed to providing a full range of programmes and events for all its members.

Our ethos

  • Modern, orthodox, inclusive community that is welcoming to all
  • Provision of opportunities for learning that are both intellectually and spiritually stimulating
  • Promotion of women’s involvement and ways of making women feel included within halachic guidelines set out by the United Synagogue and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
  • Promotion of good decorum in shul
  • Supportive of Israel and its national holidays
  • Involvement and encouragement of children and youth



Yoni Weisz

Vice Chairperson

Karina Katz

Financial Representative

Cecil Taitz


Daniel Ehreich, Ashley Katz and Yoni Weisz

Other Board Members

Penina Ehreich, Daniel Greenberg, Vivienne Kesztenbaum, Simon Leigh, Esther Maurer