Sponsorships Booking

If you would like to book a sponsorship please click the "Book" link next to the row below

The cost of sponsorship is as follows:
Kiddush: £200 plus 2x single malt scotch
Magen Munchies: £30
Y@MA: £35
Horim V'Yeladim: £50
Date Parsha Event Sponsor Notes
29 Jan 2022 Mishpatim Kiddush Ruth Ehreich Ruth Ehreich is this year’s honoured Eshet Chayil. The Shabbat will be celebrated with a separate women’s Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night with Alei Tzion from 4.50pm. The Shabbat Chabura will be given by Mazal Nisner at 9.15am. Rabbi Kenigsberg will speak after Mussaf, and the award will then be presented to Ruth by Lady Elaine Sacks. Ruth will speak and the service will be followed by a Kiddush sponsored by Ruth. Rebbetzen Shalvie Friedman will give the Shiur after Mincha.
12 Feb 2022 Tetzaveh Kiddush Families Morris-Sloane and Spizzichino The Kiddush is sponsored by Harriet & Richard and Sara & Marco to belatedly celebrate the Batmitzvah's of Abigail and Micol