UK Shabbaton at Home

We are very excited to send this email to you. It contains all the details for the UK Community Shabbaton at Home- Jerusalem edition. This is a project of Mizrachi UK and the United Synagogue and it will allow tens of thousands of homes of all across the UK to join together both with their communities as well as nationally to celebrate Shabbat in our homes this Shabbat 22/23 May in honour of Yom Yerushalayim. Once again from Sheffield to Stanmore, from Woodside Park to Whitefield we celebrate Shabbat together.

We will be launching on Friday at 6:30pm with a special Yom Yerushalayim concert featuring some of the UK’s favourite names in music, as well as addresses from the Chief Rabbi and the Israeli Ambassador. Once again, a total of over 60 communities across the country are participating in this Shabbaton, sending the project into well over 30,000 homes.

We will then have Kabbalat Shabbat live from HGSS led by Chazan Avromi Freilich and Rabbi Daniel Friedman. This can all be accessed via the United Synagogue YouTube channel: and United Synagogue Facebook page:

And then it is over to you – and this is the secret of the Shabbaton at Home!

Please print the attachment in this email. It is the full schedule for this wonderful Community Shabbaton at home as well as all the materials you will need for an inspiring 25 hours! It contains stories, Divrei Torah, ideas, quizzes, games and messages for and from your community.

And then after Shabbat at 10:10pm in London we will be joining Rabbi Marc Levene and Rabbi Andrew Shaw for a memorable havdalah service. Watch via the United Synagogue YouTube channel:

Finally, please also find various resources to download and print to add to your Shabbat experience.

1. Daf Hashavua – the US’s weekly Torah publication:
2. Tribe weekly newsletter – for children:
3. Kids Zone:
4. Tribe Siddur Yona, Siddur Asher – we have put the contents of our two Tribe children’s siddurim online for you to use:
5. HaMizrachi – Yom Yerushalayim/Shavout Magazine:
6. Koren/NCSY Siddur Aviv – Tribe edition. Mincha, Kabballat Shabbat and Havdalah:
7. Guide to page number for central prayers on Shabbat morning:

As we are all separated at home – let us once again connect together with the wonderful opportunity of a UK Community Shabbaton at Home – Jerusalem edition! Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom and Yom Yerushalayim Sameach!

Rabbi Andrew Shaw (CEO Mizrachi UK), Rabbi Michael Laitner (Rabbi, US Jewish Living Division), Rabbi Daniel Fine (Community Rabbi, Stanmore US)