UK AWIS Donation in honour of The Kenigsbergs

UK Friends of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers (UK AWIS)

As many of you are aware we as a community are collecting donations for the UK AWIS on behalf and in honour of our departing Rabbinic family (The Kenigsbergs).

The UK AWIS is part of an international, non-profit, non-political organisation established in 1942 by David Ben-Gurion. Its main objective is to promote the wellbeing of Israel’s sons and daughters in uniform. UK AWIS is one of many branches around the world that actively raise funds for the wide range of projects and facilities that enhance the wellbeing of Israel’s soldiers.

A special department in the Human Resources of the IDF has been established to ensure that all donations for the soldiers go solely through this one gate. This department dictates the needs of the soldiers and approves the implementation of each and every donation.

There is an agreement with Israel’s Ministry of Defence that all the expenses and fundraising activities – including administrative and general expenses – are funded by the Ministry. This means that 100% of each and every donation reaches the soldiers as designated.

UK AWIS raises funds for many projects within the IDF. The unique essence of UK AWIS is the spirit of its members, volunteers and donors, who sincerely care for the young men and women serving in the IDF, as parents care for their own children.

A number of members have kindly agreed to "match" donations received up to £3000 so our target should be at least £6000. We are so thankful to these members and encourage other members to give (however small) to this worthy cause and one that honours our departing Rabbinic family.

Funds can therefore be sent to the regular MA account confirming that the purpose is for the Kenigsberg farewell donation with the ref: “MA Farewell”.

Charity Link:
MA Account: Magen Avot | Sort Code: 60-80-07
Account Number: 60217278 | Reference: MA Farewell

Please do not donate directly on the “ukawis” website as we would like to place a single community "matched" donation on behalf of everyone in honour of our departing Rabbinic family.