Tisha B'Av 5780

Wednesday night and Thursday is Tisha B'Av – the most sombre day of our calendar on which we commemorate the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash and many other calamitous events which took place on this day.

The fast begins at 8.53pm on Wednesday and ends at 9.43pm on Thursday.

One who is ill is not required to fast – rabbinic guidance should be sought on a case-by-case basis.

Leather shoes may not be worn.

The restrictions of Tisha B'Av include a prohibition on washing, however washing for hygienic purposes is permitted and thus under current circumstances, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus one SHOULD continue to wash hands with water and soap/use hand sanitiser as normal.

Regular Torah study is forbidden, however the laws of mourning and Tisha B'Av related themes may (and should) be studied. The day should not be allowed to pass with it’s main messages overlooked and it is appropriate to spend the day in study and reflection. See below for links to various online programs which can be viewed throughout the day.

After the Fast - Restrictions on eating meat, drinking wine, laundry and haircuts normally remain in place until midday on the tenth of Av. However since this year the day following the fast is a Friday, laundry, haircuts and shaving in preparation for Shabbat are permitted from Friday morning.

Services will be held in Magen Avot according to the times below. For those not booked in please join our Zoom Meeting at any time here: https://tinyurl.com/y2nft6kh | Passcode: Eicha:

Wednesday 29th July
Ma’ariv followed by Eicha – 9.00pm

Thursday 30th July
Shacharit followed by a shortened Kinnot service – 8.45am
Mincha (with Tallit and Tefillin) – 8.25pm

Online Program

Our main online program commences at 6.00pm on Thursday with the film “He gave us life”, an extremely moving film produced by Yad Vashem as part of the “Witness and Education” series of testimony films in which survivors recount their life stories at the locations in which the events transpired. It can be viewed here: https://tinyurl.com/MATishaBAv

Following the film please join us on zoom from 7.00pm for a joint program together with Alei Tzion and Raleigh Close shuls – https://zoom.us/j/193973537

Tears of a Nation (from 8.45pm on Thursday) – A powerful, inspirational new film from Mizrachi UK for Tisha b’Av: https://youtu.be/hB0JSK7UVR8

Other content available throughout the day:

www.theus.tv/tishabav - An in-depth study of Kinnot, destruction and renewal, and a variety of other thought-provoking programmes.

https://mizrachi.org/threeweeks - World Mizrachi’s on-demand content for Tisha b’Av, including studies in Eicha, Kinnot on location of the events they mourn, and the Har HaBayit debate.

Wishing everyone a safe and meaningful fast!

"צ֣וֹם הָֽרְבִיעִ֡י וְצ֣וֹם הַֽחֲמִישִׁי֩... יִֽהְיֶ֚ה לְבֵית־יְהוּדָה֙ לְשָׂשׂ֣וֹן וּלְשִׂמְחָ֔ה וּֽלְמֹֽעֲדִ֖ים טוֹבִ֑ים"

“…The fast of the fourth [month], the fast of the fifth [month]… shall be for the house of Judah for joy and happiness and for happy festivals”
(Zecharya 8:19)

Rabbi Kenigsberg