Shabbaton at Home (materials)

MA: UK Community Shabbaton at Home - Message from Rabbi Andrew Shaw

We are very excited to send this email to you. It contains details for the third UK Community Shabbaton at Home. With our shuls unfortunately being locked down once again, we still can celebrate Shabbat with our community at home! This is a project of Mizrachi UK and it will allow tens of thousands of homes from all across the UK to join together both with their communities as well as nationally to celebrate Shabbat in our homes this Shabbat as part of the global Shabbat Project. From Sheffield to Stanmore, from Woodside Park to Whitefield, we will celebrate Shabbat together. It all begins this Thursday 5th November.

First there is a global Challah make with Seed at 6:30pm followed by the Shabbaton launch at 8:00pm, a special event featuring Chief Rabbi Mirvis, Chief Rabbi Goldstein and the new Israeli Ambassador – Tzipi Hotovely, as well as music from top Israeli musician Ishai Ribo. A total of 75 communities across the country are participating in this Shabbaton, sending the project into well over 30,000 homes.

This can be viewed on Youtube here: .

And then it is over to you – and this is the secret of the Shabbaton at Home!

Please find a 16-page booklet which contains stories, Divrei Torah, ideas and quizzes for and from your community. Over the meals during Shabbat you will be able to read, discuss and enjoy the material.

And then after Shabbat at 6:30pm there will be the Great UK Community Quiz presented by Rabbi Shaw and Rabbi Marc Levene in partnership with Etgar. You need to register on our website here: . You will then be sent details of how to play, and be quick, only the first 2000 to log on will be able to play!

There is so much packed in from 6:30pm on Thursday all the way to 7:30pm on Motzei Shabbat. We think this will be a very special Community Shabbaton at Home – please join us!

Rabbi Andrew Shaw
CEO Mizrachi UK