Hostage Release Campaign

Last week the campaign focused on highlighting the failures of the Red Cross to do their duties in monitoring the hostages.

This week has a different focus. We are highlighting the plight and needs of two of the known hostages.

Enclosed is a specimen letter "Email - Letter 2 to your MP.docx" for people to send out to their MP asking their MP to step up and ask the Government to find a way to communicate with Hamas such that the basic and specific medical needs of the hostages can be met. In addition there is additional information attached below: "Letter penned by Mr. Meir-Jan's ocular surgeon.docx".

Dear Congregant

After 66 days, c. 137 people remain in captivity, having been taken hostage by Hamas to Gaza. They urgently need our help !
Negotiations have ended. Survival prospects for the hostages are decreasing every day. Public support for Israel is waning. The plight of the hostages is slipping down the political agenda.

The International Red Cross is uniquely placed to report on the welfare of the hostages. They are failing in their duties by not reporting on the hostages.
Hostage families need our support to keep their loved ones’ profiles in the public eye. Pressure for their release and welfare must be stepped up.

The United Synagogue is asking for OUR HELP to support the hostages.

How can you help ?
• Send an email or letter to both your local MP expressing your concern and requesting their help.
• Send an email or letter to the International Red Cross asking them to carry out their duties.

Templated emails/letters with all the necessary details are enclosed.
Don’t delay. Please send your emails or letters TODAY !
Please feel free to further engage with this campaign and share/redistribute this email with any of your friends.

Two websites offer very helpful, free and ready to go marketing materials.
1. -

Thank you for your help in advance in support of this important campaign.

Kind regards
Marc Ovits