This is an archived post that is no longer current.

1. Who will be your Rabbi?
Magen Avot will be under the halachic guidance of the Chief Rabbi for the initial 6 to 12 months until a Rabbi and Rebbetzen can be appointed.

2. Who will lead the Shabbat services?
We have three Gabbaim with 15+ years of combined experience in leading services throughout the week, on Shabbat and over the Yamim Naraim.

3. How many members do you anticipate?
We are hoping to encourage a diverse set of people to join our community. We are structuring our timings to be both singles and family friendly as we are looking to build a community of people.

4. Whats going to be Magen Avots unique selling proposition (USP)?
Our emphasis on the value of our children's programming is as important as the value of our services provided. Decorum in these services is important and can be easily achieved through reliable, well paced and well timed services. Our friendly atmosphere and our core value of inclusivity and empowerment of people sets us apart.

5. What type of people are you trying to attract?
We see a growing need in this area for a new entity that values our professional singles, married couples, families, and older people alike. We want to encourage all people to know they can contribute to the community in their own way.

6. What facilities will be available for children?
There will be a full complement of children's services. In time, we will look to employ a dedicated youth worker.

7. What type of minyan does Magen Avot intend to represent?
Many of the new Magen Avot community have previously been members of the United Synagogue and we believe that the ethos of the US is well suited to the needs of the growing community in the North Hendon area. We look forward to starting this chapter with the United Synagogue. The area has grown rapidly over the last 5 years and we want to build a community that represents that growing population and make it relevant to the existing communities in and around the area.