3-T Project

In uncertain times such as these, with no clear end in sight, we can’t control much of what is going on around us. However, we can control our response.

To change what we can for the good, the Magen Avot community is uniting around special initiatives as part of The 3-T Project;
referencing the 3 pillars of Teshuva, Tefilla and Tzedaka. You are invited to participate to join whichever initiatives appeal most 
to you - beginning here, in the dark period of the 9 Days and running through the summer towards the renewal of Ellul and the Yamim Noraim.

Please join us and together we can create a little light in these dark times.

Below is a brief summary of the initiatives:

Learn Gemara Rosh Hashana (Teshuva)
Commit to learning as little or as much as you can so we finish the tractate together

Shiurim and Other
 Learning Opportunities (Teshuva)
Enrich your knowledge and become inspired in topics relating to the project, and more

Magen Avot
 Tefilla Companion (Tefilla)
Share thoughts on which prayers mean most to you, to be compiled into a companion for the benefit of the entire community

GIFT Cookbook (Tzedaka)
Compile healthy and nutritious economy recipes for GIFTs members

GIFT Meal Preparation (Tzedaka)
Prepare and donate meals to the needy through GIFT

Youth Parcel Packing (Tzedaka)
Pack GIFT parcels to be handed out to the needy

Support Our Communities
Opportunities to support Magen Avot, GIFT or charities further afield

Please join us and together we can create a little more light in these dark times.

Please direct all queries to 3t@magenavot.com